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5 Restaurants You Can’t Miss When Visiting Olival House

The municipality of Penafiel boasts ancestral roots in the realm of Gastronomy and Wines. Since medieval times, the consumption of foods integral to traditional Penafidelense gastronomy has persisted. Some of the most typical dishes include roasted goat or lamb with baked rice and Portuguese stew, all accompanied by the excellent green wine from the region. In desserts, festival sweets are the most consumed, especially 'bolinhos de amor' (love cakes), 'pão-de-ló' (sponge cake), 'pão podre' (a type of sweet bread), and 'rosquilhos' (ring-shaped pastries)."

Here are 5 recommendations for restaurants to enjoy during your visit at Olival House!

1. Casa Ramirinho 2

Having welcomed guests for over 60 years, Ramirinho restaurant has established itself as a renowned destination for connoisseurs of fine gastronomy in Northern Portugal. Ramirinho is an establishment known for its inviting ambiance and an even more enticing menu that captivates patrons, all while honoring the tradition of the distinctive flavors found in the rich and diverse Portuguese cuisine.

Specialities: Cozido à Portuguesa (Portuguese Stew), Anho Assado (Roasted Lamb), Vitela Assada (Roasted Veal), Bacalhau com Broa (Cod with Cornbread), Bacalhau no Forno (Baked Cod), Bacalhau à Braga (Cod à Braga), Bacalhau à Zé do Pipo (Cod à Zé do Pipo).

Distance from Olival House: 9km (5.6mi)

Address: Rua Vila Verde,4 560-221 Penafiel

Phone: +351255 726 654

2. Casa da viúva Wine Bar

Born from a dream, this space has transformed an 18th-century barn into a unique and distinctive place. Casa da Viúva offers special moments of camaraderie, complemented by carefully selected wines and traditional snacks.

On warm days, the terrace provides an opportunity to savor the charm of Quintandona village. During cooler weather, the fireplace inside adds an extra layer of warmth, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Specialities: Tapas and wine

Distance from Olival House: 3.9 km (2.4mi)

Google maps link

Phone: +351 912 245 910

3. O Sapo

The restaurant “O Sapo”, situated in the village of Irivo, is a rustic and family-oriented establishment where the recipes of traditional cuisine from the Douro region are passed down from generation to generation. Its success is evident in the homemade flavors and the quality of snacks that have remained unchanged for the past 30 years. Whether in the appetizers, featuring delightful codfish cakes and fritters, or in the main dishes like the house's codfish, Porto- style tripe, Portuguese stew, and the renowned roasted lamb, tradition is served in generous portions.

Specialties: Roasted Veal, Grilled Codfish.

Distance from Olival House: 7.8 km (4.8mi)

Address: Rua da Estrada, 25 4560-173 Irivo

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Phone: +351255752326

4. Rocha

Established in the village of Abragão since 1979, the Rocha restaurant is a family-owned establishment that has, over the years, consistently delivered service based on high-quality standards and the preparation of typical regional dishes. The menu is rooted in Traditional Portuguese cuisine, with a notable emphasis on dishes roasted in wood-fired ovens.

Specialties: Roasted Veal, Roasted Lamb, Stuffed Pork Loin, Codfish, Octopus, Salmon.

Distance from Olival House: 15.7 km (9.8mi)

Gogle maps link

Phonne+: 351 255 942 455

5. O Casanova

A rustic restaurant offering a warm and family-friendly ambiance, situated near the Sameiro Sanctuary. The appetizers are plentiful,showcasing items like ham, cheese, cornbread, pig's ear, and cured sausage, along with other regional delicacies.

Specialties: Grilled Veal Steak, Picanha (a popular cut of beef in Brazil and Portugal), Pork Tenderloins with Alheira Migas (a traditional Portuguese sausage-based dish), Codfish, Octopus, and Salmon.

Distance from Olival House: 13.2 km (8.2mi)

Phone: +351255402484

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