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Exploring the Romanesque Route in Penafiel

Unveiling the Historical Charm: An Introduction to the Romanesque Route in Penafiel with Olival House

Welcome to a journey through time, where each stone tells a story, and every monument is a living testament to the historical richness of Penafiel. Located at Avenida de Ordins, 919, in Lagares,

Penafiel, Olival House invites its guests to embark on an unforgettable journey through the Rota do Românico, an experience that delves into the medieval roots of this charming region in the Porto district.

The Rota do Românico in Penafiel is more than a tourist trek; it is an immersion into the culture and architecture dating back to the 11th to 13th centuries. Along its winding roads, historical treasures are unveiled, telling the story of the people and the devotion that shaped this land. Olival House, strategically positioned, becomes the ideal starting point for exploring this tapestry rich in heritage.

The Architectural Romance:

Romanesque architecture, characterized by its distinctive features of round arches, sturdy walls, and intricate carvings, transports us to an era where artistic expression was intertwined with spirituality. Along the Romanesque Route, each church, monastery, and bridge reveals not only a unique aesthetic but also the devotion and mastery of medieval craftsmen.

5 Must-See Destinations

Church of São Pedro de Abragão

Distance from Olival House: Approximately 16.5 km (10.2mi)

A Romanesque jewel adorned with intricate sculptures that captivate attention and create a serene atmosphere perfect for contemplation.

Monastery of Paço of Sousa

Distance from Olival House: Approximately 7.5 km (4.6mi)

An architectural masterpiece distinguished by its imposing facade and artistic treasures within.

Espindo bridge

Distance from Olival House: Approximately 20 km (12.4mi)

A marvel of medieval engineering that offers stunning views of the serene waters of the Sousa River.

Church of São Mamede de Vila Verde

Distance from Olival House: Approximately 33.1 km (20.5mi)

A Romanesque church with simple and elegant lines, a silent witness to the passing of centuries.

Monastery of Santa Maria de Pombeiro

Distance from Olival House: Approximately 47.6 km (29.6mi)

A monastic complex that reveals the monastic life and architectural beauty of the medieval period.

At Olival House, we offer more than just cozy accommodation; we invite all our visitors to explore the historical richness that surrounds our rural tourist house. Join us on this enchanting journey through the Rota do Românico, where each step is a discovery, and every moment is a connection to the past. For more monuments and information, please visit the official website of the Rota do Românico(romanesque route) :

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