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Fluvial Beach of Bitetos

The fluvial beach of Bitetos, right on the Douro River, is located in Marco de Canaveses and is 17 km (10.5mi) from Olival House. The 25-minute journey offers a view of the Douro River and its marvelous terraced vineyards.

If you enjoy river beaches, this is a must-see destination. The beach boasts a magnificent view of the Douro, and the water temperature is generally very pleasant. There is also a marina and a snack bar with a magnificent view of the beach where you can have a meal or refresh with a drink.

Old-timers remember it as a stopping point for "barcos rabelo,” (rabelo boats) which is a typical boat of the Douro used to transport barrels of Port Wine. Nowadays, the dock of the fluvial beach hosts canoeing, water skiing, and even powerboat competitions.

In 2011, it was classified as an Accessible Beach. It also ensures the safety of all swimmers with the presence of two lifeguards. The bathing area is clearly marked and signposted. It is equipped with ramps to ensure that individuals with reduced mobility can also partake in a day of socializing and enjoyment


In addition to the mentioned facilities above, it also has a parking lot, sanitary facilities, showers, and waste separation bins to ensure the cleanliness of the beach, making it a pleasant space to spend a day with family or friends.

If you enjoy fun and adventure, you can also indulge in water sports at the beach, such as canoeing, banana boat rides, wakeboarding, among others. The company responsible for organizing these activities is called Bitetos Douro. Here is the link for more information:


Parish: Várzea do Douro

Municipality: Marco de Canaveses

Postal code: 4575-442 Várzea Do Douro

Google maps link

GPS: 41.118912, -8.267641

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