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Portugal is home to the world's largest suspended pedestrian bridge, and it's only 45 km away from

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In Arouca, there's a bridge suspended 175 meters above the ground that visitors can traverse. What's the experience like?

The world's largest suspended bridge has been open to the public since May 3, 2021. Situated in Arouca, within the Aveiro district, this region is renowned for its wooden walkways along the Paiva River. The bridge boasts a length of 516 meters, exceeding half a kilometer! As visitors traverse it, they are elevated to a height of 175 meters, marking the highest point of the crossing, with the waters of the Paiva River flowing beneath their feet.

The Mayor of Arouca, Margarida Belém, shares her experience crossing the bridge and a memorable episode during the construction of Ponte 516 Arouca, which began in 2018:

“We decided to try crossing the bridge, and we confess that the first passage was not pleasant. Turning our heads to appreciate the landscape was very challenging, and looking down to see the bottom was unthinkable.

We looked straight ahead and, at the fastest pace possible, reached the other side. But there was relief: the bridge seems secure, and we hardly felt it moving. The second time we crossed the bridge, the experience was quite different, and that's what we show firsthand in the video below.”

Individuals can cross the bridge as part of one of the seven guided tours held every day. Guides explain how the bridge was built and what we are seeing while ensuring the crossing is done safely. Children under 6 years old are not allowed to cross the bridge.

Prices for visiting Ponte 516 Arouca:

Individual Tickets

Adult (18 to 65 years) – 12 Euros

Youth or Student (10 to 17 years) – 10 Euros

Child (6 to 9 years) – 10 Euros

Senior (65 years and above) – 10 Euros

Family Pack

2 Adults + 1 Child – 30 Euros

2 Adults + 2 Children – 40 Euros

2 Adults + 3 or more children/youths – 45 Euros (+5 euros for each additional child/youth)

Citizens with proven residence in Arouca Resident Card – 5 Euros (valid for 3 years)

Notes:- Tickets for Ponte 516 Arouca also grant access to the eight kilometers (5mi) of the Paiva Walkways.- Users with a resident card are required to schedule their visit to the bridge in advance.

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Ponte 516 Arouca

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